WP/LR Sync

WP/LR Sync is the Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It exports your photos to WordPress, the folders and collections you have set in Lightroom. And it keeps it all synchronized. Any changes applied to your photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc…), to your folders, or collections will trigger a re-publish. More information about WP/LR Sync (introduction, tutorial, etc…) is available here: WP/LR Sync.

WP/LR Sync

Yearly & Lifetime

The Yearly Standard license is recommended, as it fits most users, and as it is also best for the developer in the long run.

Trial & Refund

Buy it, try it. 95% of my users actually love it right away! If you don’t like it, I can refund you immediately. Please contact me in less than 10 days after you bought it.


Discounts are generally not offered but if you are a happy user of the free version and want to help us in promoting the plugin (on social networks, in a blog post, etc), please contact us.


Visit WP/LR Sync and let me know there if something is unclear. I’ll do my best to help you.