Media Cleaner Pro

Clean your Media Library and your Uploads (/uploads directory) from the files which are not used in your WordPress anymore. The plugin has an internal trash and when removed, the files are actually moved there. Once you made sure your website works fine, you can empty the trash. Media Cleaner Pro is a very powerful plugin that took many years to perfect. For more information, visit its official page here: Media Cleaner.

Media Cleaner

35% Discount

This plugin is very difficult to make and to maintain, so I need your help. Happy users are just happy (and often thanks me privately) but unhappy users easily go to WordPress to leave a bad review. So please review Media Cleaner 🙂 Then, contact me and I will provide you with a 35% discount coupon!

Yearly / Lifetime

The Yearly Standard license is recommended. This license will always work as long as it is active. The lifetime license is, of course, active forever.